Motorcycle Battery Dealers In Kozhikode

Sastha Battery



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Sastha Battery, Mini Bypass Road, Near Mims Hospital, Govindapuram, Kozhikode, 673016

Since : 2007


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Excel Power System



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Safa Building, Mongam, Near Hill Top Lic, Ramanattukara, Kozhikode, 673633

Since : 2014


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Penta Business Associate



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5/499-B, Sasthri Nagar Road, Near CDA Colony, Eranhipalam, Kozhikode, 673006

Since : 1994


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1. Motorcycle Battery Dealers

An overview of the significance of reliable motorcycle batteries and the role of trusted dealers in Kozhikode.

2. Types of Motorcycle Batteries Available

Introduction to the various types of motorcycle batteries, including maintenance-free, gel, and AGM options, catering to diverse bike models.

3. Leading Motorcycle Battery Dealers in Kozhikode

Highlighting reputable dealers in Kozhikode known for their commitment to providing authentic motorcycle batteries and expert services.

4. Advantages of Choosing Quality Motorcycle Batteries

Understanding the benefits of investing in high-quality batteries, including improved performance, longevity, and reliability for your motorcycle.

5. Key Features of Motorcycle Battery Dealers

Exploring the key features that set apart expert motorcycle battery dealers, such as a wide range of options, professional guidance, and efficient services.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How often should I replace my motorcycle battery?

A: Motorcycle batteries generally last 2 to 5 years. Signs of a weakening battery include slow starts and dim lights.

Q2: Can I replace my motorcycle battery myself?

A: While possible, professional installation ensures proper connection and avoids electrical issues.

Q3: Are there specific batteries for different motorcycle types?

A: Yes, there are batteries designed for various motorcycles, considering factors like size, power, and compatibility.

Q4: What should I do if my motorcycle battery is not holding a charge?

A: Consult a professional dealer for a battery test. If it's faulty, they can recommend a replacement.

Q5: Can extreme temperatures affect motorcycle battery performance?

A: Yes, extreme heat or cold can impact battery efficiency. Proper maintenance is crucial in such conditions.

Q6: Are maintenance-free batteries better for motorcycles?

A: Maintenance-free batteries require less attention but may have a slightly shorter lifespan. Choose based on your preference and usage.

Q7: Do motorcycle battery dealers offer recycling services?

A: Yes, responsible dealers often provide recycling services for old batteries, adhering to environmental guidelines.