Planted Creek

Planted Creek, New Bypass,
Near St.Mary's School, Chevarambalam,
Kozhikode, 673017


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Planted Creek, Chevarambalam, Kozhikode

Three Amazing Combination At One Location
House Plants 
Power Solution

About Planted Creek
Planted Creek Is An Initative Aimed At Bringing Mother Nature To Your Premises By Making Use Of The Modern Techniques We Bring At Your Doorstep, All The New Concepts In Horticulture Like Live Wall, Land Scaping, House Plants, Indoor Live Space, Nature Aquarium, Customised Tank Manufacturing And Power Solutions.

Our Vision
In An Era When People Detach Themselves From Nature, Our Vision Is To Make Everyone Fall In Love With Her.

To Provide The Best Quality House Plants Creative Nature Aquarium, Power Solution And The Service Related To That. We Create And Design Brand-New Methods To Bring A Beauteous Piece Of Nature To You.

House Plants
House Plants Give Positive Psychological Effects And At The Same Time, Help Purify The Air Indoors. They Absorb The Volatile Organic Compounds And Thereby Purify The Air.


  • Indoor And Exotic Plants
  • Orchids
  • Air Plants
  • All Type Of Pots
  • Gardening Equipments And Fertilizers


  • Live Wall 
  • Land Scaping
  • Interior Plant Scaping And All Related Maintenance

Aqua Scaping Is The Way Of Reproducing A Piece Of Genuine Nature In Our Everyday Environment. 


  • Nature Aquarium
  • Paludarium
  • Webikusa
  • kokedama 
  • Hardscaping
  • Meterials
  • Scaping Tools


  • All Aquatic Services

Power Solution
Power Solution Includes Inverters, Automated Water Sprinkler For Vertical Garden, Time Controlled Light And Co2 For Natural Aquarium & Services


  • Inverters
  • Battery  

We are one of the best in the field of Indoor Plants in Kozhikode. The working hours are from 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM.


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