Artha Financial Services

Aswathy Building, Kandamkulam Cross Road,
Near Jaya Auditorium, Tali,
Kozhikode, 673002


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Artha Financial Services, Kozhikode


For over 20 years, Artha Financial Services has been a one-stop solution for personal financial investments. Partnered with Motilal Oswal Financial Services, one of India’s most reputed firms, we can help you achieve all your short and long term financial goals.

Wealth isn’t created overnight, and it is a continuous process. The earlier you start, the sooner you attain financial stability and prosperity in life.

The basis of any investment is TRUST and we VALUE the trust our hundreds of clients have bestowed on us. Tell us your financial goals, we can help you achieve them the best possible way. Our young and experienced team is here to give you the best service.

Our Services

Stock Portfolio
Build your own Equity portfolio and become part owners of some of India’s best companies. Get detailed research reports and advice on stocks to buy for long-term wealth creation.

Mutual Funds
Entrust your savings with professional fund managers who will grow your wealth better than any conventional asset class.

Intraday Trading
Take advantage of market movements with cash and derivatives trading. Get daily reseach calls on the top stocks to trade, with complete software support.

Systematic Investments
The services under the category deals with multiple wealth creation initiatives. Like building Equity portfolios that leading to becoming our clients a part owners of great companies, along with Mutual fund investments with expert assistance in managing them. Adding on to that we provide comprehensive Portfolio Management Services.

Fixed Income
Avoid short term market risks and invest into Debt Mutual Funds, Bonds and Debentures.

Digital 24k Gold
With no extra making charges, complete safety and a 24/7 market, this is the best and easiest way to invest in gold.

Real Estate Investment Trusts
A new product in India – invest digitally in real estate for small amounts, get regular share of rental income.

National Pension Scheme
Plan for a happy retirement with the National Pension Scheme, with additional Tax Benefits.

GST Registration and Reports
Take care of all your GST-related work, from registration to regular reports.

PAN Card Services
Application, modification and other related services concering your Permanent Account Number Card.

Digital Signature
Get your Digital Signature for all online document verifications and authorizations.

E-TDS Returns
Preparation and Filing of TDS returns electronically.

Income Tax Returns
For individuals – We can help you clarify all your tax-related queries and with your income tax filings.

Accounts Preparation on Tally
For individuals – We can help you clarify all your tax-related queries and with your income tax filings.