Amazone Diamonds

Amazone Diamonds, Mele Palayam Road,
Near Palayam Bus Stand, Palayam,
Kozhikode, 673001


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Amazone Diamonds, Palayam, Kozhikode

Decades of experience and expertise has put Amazone Diamonds in the fore front diamond industry in Kerala. The expertise in identifying, cutting and polishing, Testing and evaluation, certification and appraisals, jewelry design and Gem trading is acknowledged and appreciated in the diamond market of Kerala. Limited knowledge about precious stones among the public have been a stumbling block in the growth of the industry. We at Amazone Diamonds strive to impart knowledge among our customers and general public so that they appreciate and possess quality products and also have enough awareness about the trends and opportunities in this niche industry.
In order to pursue our goal of all-round promotion of diamond industry in this part of India we have set up a state-of the-art lab, Training Institute and a trading outlet. With a well qualified faculty, trained staff, conducive atmosphere we are on the path of vertical growth. We sternly believe in being respectful and trustworthy to our clients, along with putting forth the best product that we are known for. Amazone Diamonds Sincerely appreciates all our customers and friends who have been supporting our growth and business.