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NLP House International, Kozhikode


NLP House is designed to be the training house par excellence for moulding the practitioners of NLP- the technique of modeling human excellence. We transmit the magical potency of NLP theory and its application to the trainees through the two level courses conducted by us at various centres around the globe. The courses carry the most advanced syllabi containing the widest range from the origin to the   latest developments in NLP theory and practice.  The training we impart is so comprehensive and in- depth that the practitioners we groom can easily  identify the psychological  inadequacies and needs of their clients to produce quick results and show the path of success to them by applying  this  great self help  psychological intervention technique. 

The world around us abounds with dissatisfied, depressed and confused people hoping for a beacon light to guide them. The problem may be a job change, total dejection for under-reaching or never reaching the goals, failures , compulsive  or impulsive response patterns  or change of a behaviour pattern which is counter -productive, lack of direction, bad habits or any of the numerous   psychological or behavioural problems, psycho somatic diseases, lack of  motivation, overweight, fears and phobias, Health problems, and formation of negative thoughts and actions. NLP provides easy solutions to all such mental torments by identifying the motive force behind   the working of mind. It helps people become the architects of their own life and acquire the desired changes. But unfortunately, the society faces acute shortage of skilled NLP practitioners endowed with sufficient knowledge, skill and acumen to take up the challenge. NLP House happily takes up the task by embarking  on the mission of   addressing  this lacuna. The courses conducted by NLP House – The practitioners course and Master practitioners course- equip the trainees  with   deep understanding  in the theory and practice of NLP  within a short period of time.

The wizardly faculty of NLP House is knowledgeable, skilled and imaginative enough to render the NLP technique or “the most comprehensive synthesis of psychological and therapeutic knowledge today ” in simple and comprehensive terms  to the trainees. The insight into how mind works, how it grasps information, how the information is transformed into thoughts and actions, habit  formation, neuro- psychology, linguistic patterns etc are exhaustively dealt  to enhance analytical capabilities.

Our Training programmes consist of intensive in- house training, apart from home study, homework, exercises and group discussions. The lessons are easy to grasp and practice. The trainees acquire the talent to help people shape their own life by taking charge of the working of their own minds.  The technique of psychological intervention by utilising the power of imagination inherent in all human beings with the help of hypnosis and downloading the ‘software’ necessary for the desired results can bring about the beneficial results and mould people according to their wishes. The down loads make the mind more flexible, creative and resourceful.

We help the practitioner trainees master the superb and easy technique effortlessly and assist their clients to escape from the tyranny of the old ‘software’ and the unhappy consequences of its working. Our lessons make the trainees more imaginative, effective and efficient in their pursuit of helping the people change their destiny by applying NLP technique. It is also aimed at improving the linguistic capabilities and power of expression. Exercises and activities enable them to face all challenges, situations and problems. The trainees learn how to create a generative change both in individuals and groups in business, teaching and learning, parenting, life coaching and therapy, sports, staff training and development, negotiations etc. It provides basic insights into the strategic and language patterns to influence the functions of the mind. They learn how NLP is applied in communication, advertisement, commerce, personal development, psychotherapy, education, medicine etc. using the power of imagination. People of all walks of life can learn and apply NLP and thousands of middleclass people including professionals and businessmen have mastered the NLP technique from us. 



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of principles, attitudes and technologies which can bring a total transformation in your life. In no time, you will be able to drop undesirable behaviours that sabotage your life and instead adopt purposeful behaviours that will enable you to enjoy physical mental and emotional wellbeing.

NLP is the study of human subjective experience which comprises neurology, language and observable patterns of human behaviour (programming). Neurorefers to neurology, the nervous system (mind) – how the five sensory organs (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory) pick up information from outside and how it is processed or organised inside to give a meaning. Linguisticsis language, verbal and non-verbal communication system through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given a meaning, including pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes and self-talk. Programmingmeans the sequence of coded instructions, the patterns that we run to create the behaviours that achieve our outcomes. Our behaviours are external and are programmed (maps) inside which can always be changed ( Programming). 


NLP was started as a therapeutic tool. Soon it branched out into modelling and communication.

NLP and Modelling: NLP isa modelling science. Bandler and Grinder modelled several experts, the most important being Fritz Perls, the originator of Gestalt Therapy, Virginia Satir, a renowned Family Therapist and Dr. Milton Erickson MD, PhD, Psychiatrist and world-renowned Hypherapist. You can replicate your excellence of the past in the present, transfer excellence from one area of your life to aher and even duplicate aher person’s excellence.

NLP and Communication:”NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development based on the astonishing discovery that by changing how you think, you can transform what you think”. Effective communication is invaluable to everyone – in Parenting, Teaching and Learning, Therapy and Counselling, Business and Management, Employees, Sales, Coaching and Personal Development. NLP teaches you how to establish good communication and rapport between your conscious mind and unconscious mind and with others.

NLP and Therapy: Ninety percent of all diseases (dis – ease) are psychosomatic in nature. Despite great advances in medical science over the years, it can cure them. Some of these ailments are migraines, asthma, allergies, back pains without injury, phobias of all kinds, traumas, grief, fatigue, unknown pains and fears, other stress-based problems and etc. Psychosomatic means the cause is the mind and the effect is on the body. NLP believes that body and mind are one system, a loop-cybernetic. You can separate them. That is  the problem with the medical science, psychiatry, and counselling. Medical science treats the body, mind. Psychiatry treats the brain and mind again and counselling addresses the conscious mind alone. Most problems are hidden in the unconscious mind. Mind is in the whole body. Human body has over 50 trillion cells and every cell is a complete human person, having its own mind. But they behave as a community, always in communication with each other. Quantum Physics is at work here. Body, mind and spirit work together and are in touch with the Universe. This is the contribution of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr.Candace Pert, Dr.Deepak Chopra and others. Medical science still believes in Newtonian Physics which says that matter is solid. Quantum Physics says hing is solid, everything is energy. Vedas in India knew this thousands of years ago.

NLP says we are in touch with perception (maps) of the world and the reality. Most of our problems are maps which are in the mind and they can be changed (programming) They can be cured and some of them in a matter of minutes. That is good news.


At the heart of NLP is the ‘modelling’ of human excellence and that is where the story of NLP begins in the early 1970s when Richard Bandler and John Grinder collaborated to develop NLP at the University of California, Santa Crutz.

Richard Bandler was an undergraduate student of Mathematics and Psychology and had a special interest in computer science and human behaviour. He began transcribing some audio and video seminar tapes of Fritz Perls (1893-1970), an innovative Gestalt Therapist. He further studied the patterns of Virginia Satir (1916-88), the founder of Family Therapy. Bandler found that Satir was consistently able to resolve difficult family relationships that others found impossible (‘the difference that makes the difference’). Bandler realised that by copying certain aspects of behaviour and language patterns of Perls and Satir he could replicate similar results. He began running Gestalt Therapy classes on Monday and Thursday evenings.

John Grinder, an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the same University, was fascinated by Bandler’s abilities and skills and offered him to teach Linguistics and that is how their partnership in developing NLP began. They set down their ideas into two volumes, TheStructure of Magic,Vol.I (1975) & Vol. II (1976). The books subtitled A Book aboutLanguage and Therapy introduced the first NLP model, The Meta Model – 12 language patterns distilled from modelling Perls and Satir.

Bandler and Grinder next modelled Dr.Milton Erickson MD &Ph.D. (1901 -80), Psychiatrist and a Ph.D. in Psychology, the world’s foremost medical hypist. It was Gregory Bateson, their mentor, who introduced them to Erickson. They discovered that Satir used direct and specific language to affect and change her client’s behaviour, whereas Erickson used vague but highly suggestive language. The result was a different set of language patterns, The Milton Model. They published their second book, Patterns of the Hypic Techniques of Milton Erickson MD.

With these discoveries and publications, started a hectic period of inquiry and research by both and many who are now famous in NLP, ably, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Leslie Cameron Bandler, Steve and Connirae Andreas joined them . They taught NLP techniques to their students and they in turn were able to achieve the same results with their clients. They did this without the years of study and experience of professional psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and both clients and students enjoyed beneficial results.

Bandler and Grinder fell apart in 1980.The best of NLP books were written during their period of partnership. Bandler’s NLP is now known as Design Human Engineering and that of Grinder New Code NLP.Grinder calls NLP developed together with Bandler as Classic CodeNLP

NLP has spread all over the world and now it enjoys the reputation of being “the most comprehensive synthesis of psychological and therapeutic knowledge today”. It is widely used in business, management,sales education law, sports, besides personal development.