MICT Training Campus

MICT Training Campus, Mullath Complex,
Near KSRTC, Mavoor Road,
Kozhikode, 673001


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MICT Training Campus, Mavoor Road, Kozhikode is one of the best institute in the field of Computer Training, training on Java, android, PHP, hardware and networking, fibre optics, web development and internship in Kozhikode.

MICT Technology Services (P) Ltd. is a corporate professional organisation providing high - end technology solutions and services in the domains ofTraining, technology and business, MICT began its operations to set out to be a meaningful and successful quality Technology training from the very beginning.

Today, with strong industry international partnership, Professional Professional orientation and sound teaching methodology has placed our students in excellent jobs in envied positions both in India and abroad. Our training units which maintain an excellent standard of education, only unfold the cryptic world of computer technology, but also develop a culture of creative technology computing.

MICT's Academic Council is constantly analyzing its methods and products, Studying new market requirements, and only updating but also developing Outstanding training tools, methods and products which will cater to future industry needs. This propels the present generation to the future.
MICT has spread technical ethos through its corporate training programs. Other than this, MICT is also involved in computer literacy programs in schools, software development and consultancy, electronic data processing, software dealerships and licensing etc. MICT has highly qualified engineers and computer professionals who provide valuable training and maintain excellent standards. MICT's commitment to spread computer education now has taken the shape of opening international centres.