EVM Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

EVM Automobiles, Opp. Puthoor Temple,
Near Elathur Panchayath Office, Puthiyangadi,
Kozhikode, 673021


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EVM Automobiles Pvt. Ltd, Puthiyangadi, Kozhikode, is one of the best companies in the field of Sales and Service of Nissan cars like Datsun, NIssan Sunny, Nissan Micra and Datsun Redi Go in Kozhikode.

EVM Group

Established in 1952 as a small entrepreneurial group with a turnover of Rs.10,000 ; today EVM Group has gone on to become one of the most established networks of diverse companies. Right from our humble beginning through the hard work of over six decades, EVM has dared to dream big and dominate various business sectors while keeping with our primacies to maintain a customer-focused, value-based business capable of rising up to new challenges.

When the esteemed Mr E.V. Mathai established EVM Group as a modest venture dabbling in the market by selling spices, its current flamboyant standing in Indian entrepreneurial ladder must have seemed implausible. However his unwavering vision, tireless toil and altruistic leadership has unanimously led EVM to a position of owning about eighteen companies, including partnerships and limited ownerships.

With the backing of a satisfied group of employees and partners, we have managed to conquer many large and small industrial opportunities.

>> Cultivation, sale and export of hill produce such as cardamom, cashew and lemon grass oil.

>> Supply of natural rubber and rubber products to various groups in India including tyre manufacturers and rubber crumbing factories.

>> Ventured in to the entertainment industry by establishing over 20 movie houses in Kerala alone, of which “Kavitha” in M.G Road, Ernakulam has undoubtedly become the trendiest place to hang out.

>> Act as the C&F agent for TATA tea and coffee and as the distributer of Reliance Petro Chemicals and multiple truck owners in the state.

>> Promoting tourism by running 3-star hotels and luxury resorts in popular spots. For example, Hill View in Munnar, Mountain Club Resorts at Chinnakanal, Isola-Di Coco Beach Resort at Poovar (in Thiruvananthapuram) and hotels at Adimali and Kothamangalam.

Although our leader and the founder of our group, the magnanimous Mr E.V. Mathai passed away on October 1999, his dreams are still revered and carried on by his six sons who head various business divisions of the Group with the same dignity and passion as he did. His eldest son E.M. Johny was the first to join what is now a family business, after completing his Masters in Commerce in the 60s.

United by their drive to protect and push EVM forward, these worthy sons are committed to delivering services in keeping with the evolving aspirations of customers, partners and associates. The entertainment sector is headed by the industry knowledgeable Mr Saju Johny, while the passionate Mr Sabu Johny is in charge of automotive industry. Erudite Mr Martin Johny knows all there is to know about Honda motorcycles, his area of expertise. E.J. Sony, benevolent and wise has sapped the hospitality industry in Kerala.