Space Wox LTD

MSP Tower, Kanakalaya Bank,
Near KVR Hyundai, Westhill,
Kozhikode, 673005


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Space Wox LTD, Westhill, Kozhikode

Know More About Us!

Space wox limited is a registered company under companies’ act 2013. With a good team of Technologists, Administrators and Researchers we are sophisticated to provide solution for the increasing needs of business environment. Ours consists of Administrators, scientists, in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, NLP, generative models, advanced analytics, reinforcement learning, robotics and more. By integrating state of the art and in house research solutions, we are able to solve the most challenging problems and build cutting edge products.We believe that technology and business is the way for bringing people together. We are into a new way of business combining technology adoptions and innovations by leveraging the organization’s current assets.Our team is committed to provide technology services, quality supports and innovative solutions. We develop custom technology solutions tailored to the specific business needs of our clients and support them with sustainable progress throughout the whole way: from an idea to its implementation. As business technologists, we are responsible to make it happen.Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best quality products and services for every project we domain. We incorporate the latest and improved techniques without compromising on the consistency of the development models. SPACEWOX Limited is a new generation framework of technology innovators to accelerate growth and development of technological society.We aim to be the best at what we do. SPACEWOX has a dream of evolving into international market quality products and solutions with best practices of services in a chosen area of technology. Our prime focus is to ensure customer satisfaction. We develop and encourage an environment of mutual respect within the company and extending it beyond to clients. We collaborate with other company services .We are proud to have built our organization on the strong pillars of integrity, honesty, and self-respect. We are bound to uphold the virtues of reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation in our service.