Zackle Engineering

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Zackle Engineering, Kuttikkattoor, Kozhikode

Zackle is a bunch of young professionals who are keen on delivering projects that offer high quality and undeniable expertise. We take professionalism to the zenith by ensuring focused and memorable customer experience in both commercial and residential projects we undertake. Our aim is to serve society with our systems and solutions which are integrated with contemporary technology which has the potential to take security to the next level.

  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • World-class Technology
  • Valued Engineering
  • Proven Brands
  • Customer Friendly

We solve the needs of our customers with the best available technology. Our focus is to provide long term solutions through quality service and efficient service network.

Services We Offer

Pre-engineered Aluminium Doors & Windows
Equip your homes, office space or commercial buildings with our sleek and modern pre-engineered Aluminium doors and windows. Longer durability and comfortable designs which can blend perfectly with your architecture. With Tostem, your windows will have a sense of its own to understand the climate and heat up or cool your spaces wisely.

  • Mass production oriented manufacturing
  • Texguard technology
  • Accuracy and perfect matches
  • Window in a box for sash and frame
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • Sound Reducer with single glass
  • Pre designed & pre calculated wind load and water load

Durable Lightning Protection System
Zackle, by partnering with world’s leading lightning protection providers, aims to protect your homes, building and other infrastructures from the direct and indirect attacks of lightning. We provide world class quality in every product we install and high end customer service to every client. Protecting your buildings equipment from lightning is important to keep them long lasting. Our products are durable and quality checked under strict industry standards.Our lightning protection system is designed as per the NATIONAL BUILDING CODE OF INDIA 2016 and sticks to the specified standards. The current standard series IEC/IS 62305 is an internationally coordinated and approved standard.

Internal Lightning Protection System
Zackle is bringing you the perfect lightning protection system to protect your buildings and equipment from damages caused by direct lightning strikes, surges and other electrical disturbances. Our solutions will provide a comprehensive protection layer for your electrical devices.The years of experience in the field of LPS have gained us the knack of knowing what exactly a customer needs when they approach us. With the quality of products and experience in the field of lightning protection, Zackle will provide you with the best internal/surge lightning protection system in the world. The experienced employees ensure that the installation is perfect and durable without any possible glitches.

Features of Our Surge Protection System

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Customized solutions
  • Efficient
  • Easy Installation
  • Customer service

External Lightning Protection System
Zackle brings you the experts in the lightning protection system -DEHN. By partnering with the best external LPS providers in the world who have experience in the market for over a century and whose market spreads over 70 countries across the globe, we offer protection to our customers across the globe. Durability and quality is never compromised and we value your lives and properties and we aim at protecting them with our technology.An external lightning protection system covers the homes, buildings and infrastructures like a layer of protection against lightning. They intercept the direct lightning strike with the help of an air-termination system. The current is then safely discharged using a down conductor system and then finally distributed in the ground using an earth termination system. This process will protect the buildings from any damage that can be caused due to the lightning strike.

Features of Our External Lightning Protection System

  • Sustainable
  • High Quality
  • Endurance
  • Durability
  • Powerful
  • Efficient