Cuirass Doors Malaparamba

Door No- 33/356, Wayanad Road,
Near Desodharani Vayanasala, Malaparamba,
Kozhikode, 673009


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Cuirass Doors Malaparamba

Cuirass Doors Pvt Ltd deals with high defined Steel Doors, PVC Doors, wood panel door which conform to the international quality standards of the authoritative organizations. We have been providing beautiful and sturdy steel doors since 2005. What differentiate is that we are happy to supply customized solutions to exact customer specifications. With the Corporate office been floated at Calicut, Kerala, we have hundred and more franchisees across South India. ISO 9001 gives the requirement for the quality management system and also demonstrate ability of an organization to consistently provide product that meets customer and regulatory requirements and it aims to enhance customer satisfaction through effective application of system.

BRINGING the 'rich-looking steel door' to India; That was available only in foreign countries!

Now..! Enjoy
5 Years Warranty on Locking system