Aryabhavan Pure Vegetarian

Aryabhavan Pure Vegetarian

Aryabhavan Hotel & Restaurant” A magical place where old and new co-exist in harmony and where people truly take time to enjoy the good things in life, food, stay and beautiful surroundings. One of the leading premier name in Malabar for the people to have a quality and scrumptious vegetarian food. “Aryabhavan” is absolutely a part of this captivating life style that invites you to soak up in the comfort of affordable luxury of Kozhikode.

‘Aryabhavan’ hotel & restaurant founded about 80 years back, on very strong principle, encompassing vegetarianism, the belief and practices of vegetarians. True to it’s founding principles, wholesome sound and freshest ingredients are used in magical mixes, by our most talented, trained and experienced chefs, to bring you the very best cuisine from the north and southern parts of India. The intention behind is to serve quality vegetarian food in a clean and appealing environment at attractive prices. ‘Aryabhavan’ maintains the highest standard of quality by using the best ingredients including healthy cooking oils to become a synonym of quality, scrumptious vegetarian food.

Aryabhavan Hotel” one of the leading premier name in Malabar. Aryabhavan offers the customers to have a peaceful stay with affordable price and cherish and nourish through the enchanting surroundings of Kozhikode. Aryabhavan founded about 80 years back, in busiest commercial arena of the SM Street Kozhikode. This is the venue where long years back, famous poets, writers, film makers, and politicians used to get together for various discussions of their own.‘Aryabhavan Lodge’ maintained traditionally without tampering its heritage has 26 A/c and Non A/c rooms.

  • We have spacious rooms with 24 hrs room services.
  • We have ample space for car parking. 

Famous and Significant For...

Mushroom pepper fry, Special Tea, Paneer Dosa, Paneer Pollichath, Chilli Porotta, Paneer Molli, Special Poori, Cap Roast, Paper Roast  and many other vegitarian dishes.