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Olive Hospitality Consultancy

Olive Hospitality Consultancy, Eranhippalam, Kozhikode

Who we are
Olive Hospitality is a professional hospitality industry consultants in Calicut ;kerala .india and is pioneers in providing hospitality management services over the last decade. We strive to keep evolving as with the changing trends in the hospitality industry from time to time and are in the process of bringing a sea change in the way we create and operate hotels and resorts across India. Olive Hospitality is a powerhouse of some of the best talents in the industry as we have been able to bring together a galore of countless years of experience in the various facets of the hotel industry. It’s the quality of our work and relentless effort and perseverance to provide the best to our clients that have made us distinct from others in the hospitality industry. Our team always strive to deliver on our singular motto of creating winning environments which many of our properties and resort reflect today. Travel has changed manifold and has evolved to a great extent with the advent of the internet and social media. Brands have started placing new emphasis on the guest experience by increasing their conveniences via digital technologies and location specific individualized travel experiences. Technology today have increased frequencies of vacations and increased the choices for your travel and with a website like Tripadvisor.com wherein customers are provided with many choices it's all about who provides the best services at competitive rates. With access to the internet to anyone even on the move, it becomes imperative to say that hospitality industry is the most affected in a much positive yet competitive way. Olive Hospitality as a very innovative company rightly has picked up this trend and has evolved to being a much technology focused company with many digital plans and technological investments in the pipeline.

Systematic operational approach designed to streamline processes and optimize each ownership
Employees & Staffs
Project completed and delivery on worldwide with more 3 countries

Our Service

Operations Management
Quality Operations Management Services with industry has proven operating methodology and procedures.

Project Management
Project Consultancy Services in the form of market research & analysis to set up new Hotels .restaurants, and resorts

Turnaround Management
Turn around Management Consultants with the to turn around your hotel into a profit generation unit.

Hotel Pre Opening Services
Professional Hotel Pre-Opening Services to achieve our client's dreams in establishing a top class hotel or resort.

Hotel Revenue Management
Revenue Management Services to implement the best result oriented revenue strategy to grow your profits.

Hotel Asset Management
Asset Management with various aspects like facility management, capital expenditure, brand selection etc.

Hotel Technology Advisory
Best Hotel Technology Advisory via our team of experienced IT consultants to simplify your operations.

Trained professional staffs
We have a team of highly trained and qualified professionals from the industry.