Julphar - Exclusive Tile Showroom in Kozhikode


Each home has its own unique character – just like your personality and taste. Home is where we feel comfortable and at ease. It is an essential element in everyday life. For everyone. Young and old, at work, at home – morning, afternoon, evening and night. At Julphar, we know your home is a personal space, where life happens. Whatever your space or style, Julphar brings you an abundance of choice with a versatile and adaptable way to effortlessly create the home you want. Welcome to Julphar. For the best choice.


Your new ultimate Tiles and Sanitary wares destination in Calicut. Your new abode of versatile product collection that allows for a truly bespoke commercial as well as residential design that can be strikingly modern, timelessly traditional or indeed anything in-between.


With a massive amount of experience, we at Julphar put it to good use – our in-depth knowledge of tile and sanitary ware design and our understanding of what the market wants, is second to none.


At Julphar, we are committed to providing the best quality in the market. Our products don’t just look great, they are built to last long and easy to maintain.


Let our versatile collection of stunning tiles and sanitary wares inspire you to discover an ultimate home in a unique style and colour combination that is as unique as you are.

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