Hangout, Beach Road, Kozhikode

As the old saying goes “Don’t mix business with pleasures” based on the conventional wisdom, starting up a company with a friend is probably well, the wisest idea.

Hangout ice cream shop opened its door in 2015, by soul mate.  Ice cream is fun, so we take it in the same sense. We love dreaming up new way to surprise.  Signature process of preparation of ice creams on a frozen granite stone.  “ICE CREAM ON THE ROCK”.

Hangout offers splendour and richness ambiance, freeze your mind and have fun with our crunchy wafers with rich ice creams.  Our experienced artisans uses only the finest ingredients for mouth watering 43+ seasonal specialities from the unique menu.

Experience the melting taste of hangout ice creams.  The coolest place to Hangout “WHO INVENTED ICE CREAM”